Just came up with the idea of my own story

that involved a 4 meters tall ancient dragon that can withstand any form of damage so he gets caught for some experiments

and I somehow got to know this guy and end up helping him… I don’t know… maybe some cliche “befriends with monster” but I like the feels of it hehe

well … it’s nice to come back and draw something that’s just sparks in my mind when my pen starts scribble…

"Gotcha fishy"

Practice water color (so rusty I didn’t do it often)

welp … back to animation then haha

"Here fishy fishy"

When it’s come to dota 2 , I really like slark (but suck at playing him haha)

He’s cute. Cute little fish with a nice voice acting (like his laughing)

well don’t mind me, it gets dirty sometime (everytime)

and fish don’t have squishy butt … do they?

another late work of godzilla

I like his chubby form (tbh this is my first time seeing godzilla ,like the whole movie)

So he was very awesome but you know he is the only one of his kind(?)

maybe he’s a bit lonely and just want someone to play with

Anonymous said: สวัสดีฮะ อาร์ตงามมาก ชอบแนวกะลายเส้นมากเลย มีFBหรือFAไว้ให้ตามงานนอกจากทัมเบลอร์มั้ยครับ O<-<"

พอดีเฟสก็ไม่ได้ลงงานอะคับ ส่วน fa ก็เอาไว้ส่องชาวบ้านอย่างเดียว

มีที่นี่เยอะสุดละคับ 55 = w =”

animation animation animation…

[just doing most of the work at school recently

and a long long time to find what would I post next]

somewolfwithatablet said: Wow! Your art is fantastic~ I'm going to follow for more! :3

Sorry for late reply, Thank you :)

huhohnoahjeez said: Not really a question, just saying your work is awesome! Been loving the animation stuff. Glad I discovered you awhile back!

Thank you I’ll keep practicing :)

me in 14th Febuary
or &#8230;. what day is it?

me in 14th Febuary

or …. what day is it?

run run run run
[practice pencil animated]

run run run run

[practice pencil animated]